Ring around the rosy, pockets full of posies, ashes... ashes...we all fall down.
For ten-year old Anna Stone, a childhood complete with nursery rhymes and bedtime stories is nothing more than a heartless work of fiction.
Plunged helplessly into the sinister, devastating world of her mother's mental illness, Anna must grow and mature in a home where sorrow, pain and fear were her only companions.
That is... until she meets fifteen year old Triston Roth-- the one and only person in the world who would love her enough to help her see past her fears-- giving her the courage and strength she needed to finally stand up for herself and defy her family.
Happy ending; right? Not A Chance!
The moment Anna finally finds the courage to reach out for help, she gets caught up in the wake of deception and destruction created by the very same people within the justice system were supposed to be helping her.
For Anna, life is a war from which she cannot escape. Her only hope rests with her decision to give up everything and everyone she loves; becoming a living sacrifice in an all out effort to protect the young man whose only crime was his love for her.
This gothic analogy of Romeo and Juliet is based on actual events; depicting the severity and cruelty of the phrase "Star Crossed Lovers" while beautifully encapsulating the love, romance, hope and determination felt as Triston and Anna battle it out for their right to be free from abuse... for their right to be together.
Not suitable for young children "Caution" This dark novel accurately depicts violent situations including but not limited to: child abuse, childhood sexual abuse, teen sexuality, drug and alcohol abuse, self mutilation and suicide.
One voice... that's all it takes to spare a child from future harm or even death. Your voice can either perpetuate the abuse by remaining silent, or it can end the abuse by screaming at the top of your lungs until somebody does something about it. Which choice will you make for your voice?

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Anna Stone was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri. She studied English Literature, History and Psychology at Missouri Western State University, then went on to work for The Missouri Department of Mental Health. Anna has two grown sons and a daughter who will be eighteen this year in October. Anna has made it her mission to educate others about child abuse and its long term effects.